6 Things You Should Quit Doing to Be More Successful:

We often get stuck in a hamster wheel of habit. We do things that aren't good for us, remain where we shouldn't and put ourselves through voluntary suffering all in the name of comfort. But a rare few snap out of it. House of Cards gives you an insight into the 6 things you need to quit doing, which will help you reinvent yourself.

Quit Stopping: They say that at the very moment you want to quit, you're actually almost there. Remember why you started it, then push onward. If you stop and think about quitting, you'll never know what it feels like to reach the finish line.

Quit Saying Tomorrow — you know the saying, 'Yesterday you said tomorrow?' Delaying something that you think is important means one of two things: you're either scared to start because it means your life will change or you want it for the wrong reasons. Get things done!

Quit Being A Victim — You have a choice in everything you do. If you're choosing to remain in a place that isn't positive, you're victimizing yourself. If you seek advice and respond with 'but I can't' too many times, you officially become a victim.

Quit Saying Yes — Whenever we say yes to something, we're saying no to something else. Analyze when you're saying yes and what you're trading it for. You might find yourself saying yes to things you don't even care about and no to things that could make your life better in some way. 

Quit Expecting — If you really have your heart set on something (like a promotion), you must be vocal about it. If you don't speak up, you're leaving the translation up to them. Expect at your own risk.

Quit Avoiding — We all have things we don't want to do, but we have to do them because we're adults. You can't pluck the fun parts out and leave the tough parts on the table. Quit avoiding it. There will be rewards along the way and there will be a great sense of accomplishment at the end.
And here is one thing you should start doing;

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