Physical Security:

 With the growing emphasis on locking down the security of designated critical infrastructure, and the need for compliance with security standards, physical security is an area of increasing concern among all types of organizations.  The twin goals of prevention and protection can only be accomplished by understanding the complex interactions between people, facilities and technology.
PLN9 assesses the security of a company's facilities through a formalized audit process that identifies vulnerabilities, quantifies elements of the compliance standard, scores the assessments, and creates an action plan.  If necessary, we assist in implementing measures to enhance security.  Areas covered in this process typically include: Physical Security Planning, Access Control/Authentication, Surveillance, Perimeter Security, Communications, Internal Security, Intrusion Detection, Information Systems, Procedures, Human Resources, Accountability, and Policy Implementation.  PLN9 also has the ability to perform assessments based on various standards such as those from the Department of Security or private organizations.
If there are physical security audits that need to be performed across several global locations, PLN9 can accommodate with our partnership network of security auditors around the India.  

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