Types of Security Services

Technical Security Services
Electronic Counter Surveillance sweep checks critical chambers (senior management cabins, conference/meeting rooms, board room etc) for presence of electronic eavesdropping devices, to prevent leakage of sensitive information. The chambers are checked for unauthorized audio or video listening devices, faulty telephone line/instrument and audio leakage, if any.
CCTV cameras are a good deterrent for an opportunist and cover one of the main principles of security, which is identification (both of a security breach occurring and the perpetrator).

Event Management Security Services
In today’s turbulent times, each event that can create a sensational media impact is vulnerable to attack. Security of major event locations and especially the security of visitors and participants become paramount and must receive the highest priority. Bouncer, Vale driver security guards is the part of event security.

Fire Fighting Security Services

PLN9 is one of the most prominent names in the industry for providing high quality Fire Fighting Services. Training is imparted to these personnel in fire fighting drills and procedures, correct usage and handling of fire equipment. We are well equipped with Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Fighting Drill that helps our security experts to conquer dangerous fire misshapes. Our services are rendered by a team of professionals who have strong understanding and client focus enabling them to offer services as per the clients’ requirements.

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