A Motivated Workforce:

A critical component of any security system is the security staff, specifically guard forces, such as those who undertake patrols, guard entrance points, and carry out security screening. Motivated, attentive and observant staff in these roles can form a highly-effective deterrent presence and final line of defence where other interventions (e.g. electronic security access) have failed. Conversely, demotivated staff who do not perform their role effectively can be a single point of failure within a security system.

An in-depth study has been conducted to find out what motivates security guards. The resulting report provides guidance on measuring security guards’ motivation and how to increase motivation. 
The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’s protective security advice is aimed at reducing the vulnerability of the UK’s critical national infrastructure to national security threats, such as terrorism and espionage. As part of this endeavour, the CPNI has observed that motivating what is in most cases a lowly paid security guarding workforce to carry out such an important duty with appropriate diligence is challenging.
It has conducted an in-depth study in conjunction with the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) to try to better understand what motivates security guards, with the overall objective of:
·         improving security levels
·         gaining a greater understanding of the typical security guard
·         improving key performance indicators (KPIs)
·         retaining staff and reducing absenteeism
·         ensuring greater compliance, and

·         building a company’s reputation.

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