Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD):

PLN9 Security offers advanced technology based door frame metal detectors

DFMDs are used in commercial and industrial purposes and are widely applicable in hotels, airports, malls, multiplexes and various public visiting areas. These door frame metal detectors (DFMDs) are offered to our clients in various types and specifications. Designed and manufactured in accordance to the related Indian standard, our door frame metal detectors (DFMDs) are an ideal preference for detecting metal on frisking object. These door frame metal detectors (DFMDs) are aesthetically designed and sensitive to all kind of ferrous and non ferrous material.

Digitals door frame metal detectors (DFMDs) are with adjustable sensitivity and do not affect an in-planted pacemaker and pregnant woman. Widely used in jewellery and precious metal industries and VIP security with built in foot fall and alarm counter.

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