Hospital Security:

Crimes continue to find their ways in hospitals at an alarming rate. PLN9 Security provides hospitals the kind of protection needed for a serene and a calm atmosphere.
We highly recommend following Security solutions for hospitals:

Protect  Premises 
From possible theft, break-in, forceful entry and Fire. Choose from our range of Security and Fire alarm panel, Sensors and Detector and Auto Diallers.

Safeguard Entrances/Exits
Secure your entrances/exits with Metal Detectors, Employ access control system to ensure that employees only access.

Improve Employee Efficiency
Create a disciplined and professional working environment with the aid of time attendance and payroll software.

Effective Visitor Management
Hospitals need security not only for the patients, staff but also for the visitors. Visitor management solution by PLN9 aids in effective visitor management, visitor authorization, issue of visitor passes and updating visitor records for later review. It is available in Desktop and Enterprise edition.

Opt For Response Method
In case of a security breach or fire, the system should send auto response messages to concern personnel’s.
You can opt for New Generation alarm system- Guard MC+ with CMS and auto dialler facility.

Safeguard Equipments
Protect your equipments, valuables and machineries from theft, fire and damage with our complete range of fire alarm, security alarm system and CCTV system.

We believe in building strong relationship with our customers
Along with quality products, we provide warranty and after sales service for your investment. PLN9 has unmatched experience of years in handling many prestigious project across India.

Security Professionals
We are one of the leading manufacturer and system integrator of electronic security equipment.

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