Internal School Security:

Recently, many cases of child molestation have come to light and teachers are almost always the main culprits in these cases. In a boarding school, where children spend most of the time alone with teachers, one cannot be sure whether children are being ill treated. Schools must ensure that they run a background check on all staff and this includes, both teaching and non teaching staff. Internal security is managed by peons and in case of a residential school by the hostel warden. Residential schools that are meant for girls generally employ women staff for teaching and the wardens are also women.
This is primarily important for boarding schools as the children are on campus for a majority of the day. Boarding schools are also usually set away from the city and this makes the security arrangement much more important. Boarding schools usually have huge support staffs who are assigned the task of dealing with internal security. Most boarding schools have constant patrols and everyone who enters is registered and escorted to the appropriate buildings. Parents are encouraged to check on these security arrangements beforehand.

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