Roles and Responsibilities of Crowd Management:

The role and responsibility of all parties involved in an event for security and facility should be specified in writing and known to all prior to an event.
There must be a clear understanding by all involved of the chain of command and the duties that each person is to perform. An important aid in this endeavor is an event management plan produced by the facility or promoter with the cooperation of public agencies that specifies names, duties and location of the people at the event; lines of communication; contingency plans; door opening; method of plan implementation; a checklist of personnel, equipment and procedures; expected crowd size and characteristics; and normal and emergency egress/ingress procedures.

Those with a role in planning, organizing and controlling events cooperatively must find ways to: 
1) anticipate potential sources of danger in public gatherings, 
2) take steps to prevent trouble when and where possible, and 
3) be prepared to respond to trouble quickly and effectively when, and if, necessary.

A. Local Government
B. Police
C. Fire
D. Facility Management
E. Promoter
F. Entertainers
G. Private Police
H. Ushers
I. Peer Security
J. Patrons

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