School Security: How Safe is your Child?

Indian schools are notoriously low on security and many schools across the country are yet to install world class security arrangements. Many crimes relating to children are occurring and criminals find it easy to kidnap children from schools using several different ploys. However, in recent times schools have realized the importance of having a proper security arrangement and this is being put into place, albeit a little slowly. Some of aspects that schools have to consider are as follows:
Schools Buses
Students are often kidnapped when they are waiting to embark a school bus and this is one of the primary problems that parents and schools are facing. Some schools are planning to opt for a GPS tracking device on their school buses and the parents will also receive text messages every time the child embarks or disembarks the bus. This is not a fool proof method; however it is a useful way for schools and parents to monitor the movement of the buses. This solution can be implemented only on school owned buses and many students travel to and from their houses on private vans and vehicles and it is extremely difficult to track the movement of these.
School Security
Most private schools have security personnel stationed at the gate and they are usually hired from a security agency. Schools have to ensure that the security agency is trustworthy and parents can check this aspect before admitting their children in a school. Most schools require people who enter the school premises to register their names and phone numbers. Schools should also monitor the performance of the security guards.

This is primarily important for boarding schools as the children are on campus for a majority of the day. Boarding schools are also usually set away from the city and this makes the security arrangement much more important. Boarding schools usually have huge support staffs who are assigned the task of dealing with internal security. Most boarding schools have constant patrols and everyone who enters is registered and escorted to the appropriate buildings. Parents are encouraged to check on these security arrangements beforehand.

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