The Training Facilities at PLN9STS:

The training facilities at PLN9STS include; Digital LCD projectors / Large Viewing Screens / Surround Sound. The training room has a large assortment of training aids for all students. PLN9STS is able to offer one-on-one training for students who require just that little more coaching. Prior to the commencement of any course, an induction program is conducted covering course requirements, assessment methods and available learning resources.

PLN9STS provides an opportunity for any person regardless of race, gender or cultural background to attend and undertake the training courses. Persons with disabilities are also encouraged to attend and undertake the training, provided it does not place the student at risk of injury and the student believes they have the ability to obtain the skills required for their chosen career.

PLN9STS is able to deliver ALL training at their workplace, to ensure venue specific criteria and circumstance is incorporated in the training material and role play.

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