Components of Motivation:

Four essential components of security officer’s motivation are:
1.   Job satisfaction
2.   Staff engagement
3.   Job fulfillment
4.   Pride in job

According to the report, separately, all of these aspects will contribute to what an individual finds particularly motivating in his or her work, and taken as a whole they provide the elements that will impact on an employee’s overall motivation. Job satisfaction is described by the report as “whether staff feel happy and (intrinsically) rewarded by their job”. It adds that it also includes the extent to which other people, for example members of the public, show their appreciation or dissatisfaction with their activities.
Staff engagement is concerned with the extent to which employees feel that they are involved in making the decisions that affect how and how well they do their job and that there is scope for them to develop and be proactive in security operations, according to the report. Whereas, job fulfilment is concerned with the extent to which employees feel their job gives them the opportunity to work to their full potential, according to the report. It states that there are several dimensions to this component including the extent to which they think other people, for example members of the public, appreciate the value of their work, the quality of the training they have received and the extent to which they are allowed to do as good a job as they could.
The final motivation, pride in job, has two main aspects, the report imparts. The first concerns whether employees feel that their organisation, or their part of the organisation, is engaged in important work and has high standards. The second concerns whether individual employees believe that their own job is important and that they themselves work to high standards.

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