Low Self-Esteem to Leadership:

Everyone has leadership potential. Here is a story of one person who never thought she could be a leader. There was once a lady who was extremely quiet, self-conscious, low-self esteem and did not like to be noticed or recognized. She was content with being in the background at work, at parties, at church. She didn't like to talk or be called on because she would become very embarrassed about talking to anyone.

She stumbled with her words. She was not at all confident. She would always go with what everyone else wanted to do until....one day, she had an idea.

She was in her late 30s when she received an email from the president of the company that went out to all employees. It was a challenge to help the company be more employee-oriented. As a new employee, she thought of some ways where the company could improve. She wrote these down and put them in categories so employees could learn about the company and also improve their intrapersonal skills. She emailed this back to the president, anxiously waiting for a reply. Months went by and nothing happened. So she decided that either they didn't read it or were not interested. She didn't even get a thank you for her suggestion. Well that was a little discouraging for her but that started a seed for her where she was looking for ways to improve and help others improve. She had joined a leadership organization which she didn't attend much because she was shy. However, she met with one of the chairpersons regarding membership and submitted an idea that would help increase membership. The chairperson was excited about her idea and very encouraging. So she began to think of other ways to help with this leadership organization.

She met with the leadership president with ideas about creating training classes, a library and motivational emails. He was very encouraging as well. He told her to go ahead with it and get started. So she did. This opportunity allowed her to get her name out when she sent the leadership emails which led her to better position in the company. Also, she was asked to help with a career development training class. She was nervous but others were there to help and teach so she decided to do it.

This training opportunity led to her developing more classes. She asked her manager if she could take a career coaching class which led to other opportunities. She soon became the president of the leadership organization and later president of a volunteer organization.

All of this began with a small step, a small idea. This lady is now more confident, teaches classes, and is starting her own business to help others. If she can do it, so can you. Yes, you are a leader. You have the potential to become something great! Begin with an idea. Talk to others about it. Look for opportunities to grow. Hang out with those who encourage you. Be an encourager to others. Then, you will be on your way to leadership.

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