Tight Security at malls and shopping centers:


Malls and shopping centers around the country have tightened security to deal with a major influx of shoppers preparing for Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.

There has been extra security staff deployed and more closed-circuit television cameras installed. There is also close coordination with the government’s security agencies, a local publication reported Friday.

The government and private companies have already sent out extra patrols. Additional cameras have now been installed at various departments, apart from the main entrances.
The security plan now operational is different from previous years, with personnel now having advanced communication to report any suspicious behavior. These arrangements have been made because of the tense security situation in the region, especially since Daesh have threatened on social media sites to launch further attacks.
He said parents have been warned that they should not allow their minor children to roam around unsupervised. These youngsters would not be allowed to enter malls, to prevent any disruptive behavior that may disturb public peace. security supervisor at a commercial center, said the plan takes into account current realities. Security has been tightened across the Eastern Province, he said. 
“A week ago, some women were involved in an argument, which almost escalated into a fist fight. The center was evacuated in less than five minutes because people were so afraid. We have also banned fireworks. Parents allowing their children to have them will be prosecuted,” 

Several security agencies are involved in ensuring comprehensive security at all public places over the last 10 days of Ramadan. The plan has been devised in cooperation with the Civil Defense, and traffic and police departments to cover popular markets.

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