Benefits of Personnel Security:

Personnel security is a system of policies and procedures which seek to manage the risk of staff (permanent, temporary or contract staff) exploiting, or intending to exploit, their legitimate access to an organisation's assets or premises for unauthorized purposes.
Although many organisations regard personnel security as an issue resolved during the recruitment process, it is a discipline that needs to be maintained throughout a member of staff’s time in employment. This includes robust pre-employment screening, effective line management, employee welfare, clear lines of communication, and a strong security culture. It should also include a formal process for managing staff leaving the business.
When applied consistently, personnel security measures not only reduce operational vulnerabilities, they can also help build a hugely beneficial security culture at every level of an organisation. Robust personnel security helps organisations to employ reliable people;
·      1-Minimise the chances of staff becoming unreliable once they have been employed;

·        2-  Detect suspicious behavior and resolve security concerns once they emerge.

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