PLN9 with a Difference:

PLN9 is distinctive because our focus is on a stringent selection process and quality training. Our team of professionals is proficient in customizing the duties of a guard to refine them to the specific needs of the customer.

Being a 100% compliant company, we do not restrict our pay scales to minimum wages. We believe in the upliftment of our guard by providing him with all the facilities that he deserves and by training him to the optimal level that this profession demands. Our HR team keeps track of the changing trends in the field of Security along with the needs of our Operations Team to provide cutting –edge and efficient services to our customer, compatibly ensuring employee satisfaction and welfare.

We provide high quality training to our employees, also considering “Post and Site Instructions” to our Guards and Supervisors to ensure that they develop a moral bonding with your organization. Once in each quarter we conduct Periodic Training according to PSARA Act to invigorate our training values and instill a special sense of belonging towards PLN9. This process also helps in reassessing the current and changing requirements of the Posts, Sites and Offices.

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