Team Culture Surveys:

Managers are responsible for creating an environment where every employee can do his or her best. It recently discussed how good managers provide four things: clarity as to where their team is going, how they will get there, clear responsibility and standards to measure progress. But how do we know whether we’ve done these things and are creating an environment where everyone is in fact set up to succeed? If only there were a way to measure whether your organization’s climate is good, and if not, whether it’s improving.

A few years ago, former VP of Marketing, suggested that we ask our employees. Imagine asking your team members if they are in an environment where they are set up to succeed. Brilliant, right? We took this suggestion and started surveying employees once at the beginning of the year and again toward the end to measure how much we improved. It was shocked at our results the first time, and we continue to learn new insights each time we do what I call our “Culture Survey.”
In the event that you’d like to try doing a “Culture Survey” with your team, I share our survey questions below, along with context on each. Before I dive in though, here are a few other things to know:

  • Make responses anonymous so that people are comfortable participating without fearing consequences of sharing honest opinions.
  • Ask for a bit of basic information that can help isolate pockets of cultural strength or weakness. We ask for department and tenure (less than or greater than one year). This way we can look for patterns by department and amongst new vs. older cohorts.
  • Find an easy survey tool. We use the Google survey tool to gather feedback, and then further analyze results using Excel.

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