Attitude of a Good Employee:

Good employees respect and value their fellow employees.

Positive 'Can-Do' Attitude
Being ready, available and willing to get the job done, and done well, should be traits that employees keep on the front burner. You should appreciate employees who seek out quality work to remain busy and productive for the company and who eagerly desire to go above and beyond their normal duties to bring further success to your company.
Courteous and Friendly
Employees who do their best to be courteous and friendly to their coworkers, managers and customers make office life much more pleasant than those who seek to cause disturbances or drama. These employees brighten the office and leave their egos and outside problems at the door in the name of being good workers and trying to maintain a good work atmosphere. While no one is perfect and everyone has bad days, these employees manage to rise above the fray.
Meets Deadlines

Employees who meet deadlines will also likely be well organized and responsible. Since you have given your employee a particular deadline, you expect that she will meet it. If she maintains a clean, organized work space and is present at work and particularly at meetings pertaining to her project deadline, she will very likely timely meet her deadlines.

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