Goal & Challenges of Physical Security:

The goal of physical security:

The goal of physical security is to provide a safe environment for all assets and interests of the organization.
Physical security provides protection for the building, other building structures, or a vehicle housing the system, and/or other network components.
Static systems: installed in structures at fixed location
Mobile systems: installed in vehicles or vessels
Portable systems: can be operated in buildings, vehicles, or in the open
A very basic component of an organization’s total security plan.

Challenges of physical security:

Earthquakes, floods, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, natural fires, extreme temperatures, high humidity, building collapse
Supply systems 
Communication outage, power distribution, burst pipes
Man-made Explosions, disgruntled employees, unauthorized access, employee errors, sabotage, hazardous spills, chemical contamination, malicious code, vandalism and theft, intruders, unintentional acts
Political events

Bombings, terrorist attacks, espionage, civil disturbances, strikes

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