Handling Difficult People :

There are at least 8 main personality types : Many of them are difficult to deal with: For example, you may know people who are:
  1. Cynical
  2. Pessimistic
  3. Argumentative
  4. Cynical pessimistic AND argumentative!
There is only one way to deal with people like that: Can you guess what it is?
No! Not that! , It is According to the principles of reason You must treat people, especially difficult ones, according to the principles of reason. And that means: Logically: which means:
1. According to the facts, not your feelings
2. According to the facts, not your opinions
3. According to the facts, not your mood, or your prejudices or personal whims.

Everyone must be treated REASONABLY
Everyone must be treated reasonably, according to the rules of logic, irrespective of how difficult they are.

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