How To Be Productive @ Workplace

Be optimistic
whatever the nature and number of problems you face at work, they're not going to disappear at the snap of your fingers. You need to be optimistic that the situation will improve slowly and steadily. Do not fall prey to negative thinking. If you find it tough to be optimistic, fake it. With time, your fake positivist will turn real. All you need is a little practice. 

Change your attitude
Even if you hate your job, make the most of it. Analyze how you can improve yourself — make fewer mistakes and increase your efficiency. Whenever you leave a job, you should know that it has enhanced your skills, even if it is in a minor way. 

Be friendly with colleagues
A friendly atmosphere makes a huge difference. If you're aloof, chances are you will feel left out at some point of time. We're not asking you to go shopping with them and share details of your personal life, but be cordial. 

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