Why Motivations?

Motivational skill is very important for the leaders to lead from front in order to get task done effectively and on scheduled time.

Why Motivations?
  • Reduces boredom.
  • Brings new prospects and revenues.
  • Leads to job satisfaction and mental peace.
  • Avoids jealousy and prejudice amongst team.
  • Helps to achieve deadlines faster.
Points to remember:-
  • From a professional perspective motivation can be given in the form of perks, bonus etc.
  • It may not always be monetary. Listening to grievances of the individual can be an important factor to motivate.
  • Every individual has a different way of being motivated.
  • Motivation skills are not just about how good can you motivate others; but how good can you motivate yourself.
  • Creating challenges occasionally is also a form of motivation.

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