Manager Training :

The New Manager Training by PLN9 aims to address this gap through an innovative, experiential and hands-on design which gives new managers a flavor of managing teams and the related aspects as mentioned above.

Our team of experienced facilitators will work with you to design a customized intervention, sprinkled with real life simulations relevant to your organization that will be meaningful and memorable for the participants.

What is unique about it?

Each intervention is custom designed with real life scenarios related to managerial roles that the participants are likely to face in their work place. This makes it real and engaging for the participants.

Completely experiential format harnessing the power of PLAY to ensure the adequate mix of learning with FUN!

Run by highly experienced Facilitators, who have experience in building and managing high performance teams.

PLN9 take away for participants to better understand their managerial styles and mould them for successful team management.

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