Off-Site Event Security

Off-Site Event Security
An off-site event is an opportunity for your security team to really shine – or really not. The best way to avoid pitfalls and ensure a safe, secure and successful event is to follow a proven event security formula.
In an ideal world, research would begin prior to venue selection, with a short list of potential venues and an experienced event security consultant engaged to address the cost and risk implications associated with each one. In the real world, the event security team may not be involved as early in the event planning process as venue selection, but much of the security work does take place in advance, beginning with an in-depth study of the rooms and facility where the event will be held.

A proven event security formula includes:
  1. Researching the facility and area.
  2. Considering the risks inherent in the event.
  3. Stationing staff strategically.
  4. Following access control policies consistently.

Facility Specifics
Meeting and coordination with facility security management is a standard element of the intelligence gathering process that should inform the overall strategy and approach. In addition to learning the facility rules and regulations, security must study the facility floor plan and identify entry/exits, stairways and other access points. A location for the security control centre must be selected, and control centre equipment requisitioned, if applicable. The parking lot should also be assessed to determine the need for additional lighting or security escorts.

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