Weaknesses of a Leader

1: Distancing, being arrogant, or standing apart from those you lead. In doing so, you disengage, sub-optimize, and ultimately shut your best people up, and shut them down. Beyond that, arrogance often leads to over-promising and under-delivering. Learning edge: to be more candid and ultimately more authentic / humble / and to some extent more vulnerable.
2: Leading to please others, to be liked, likable, fit in, wanted, loved. Good news is there's lots of "nice" to go around. Bad news, such leaders often focus more on people than results. Learning edge: to be more focused on achieving results, personal and leadership accountability, holding others accountable, courage when it comes to performance issues, being decisive, and making harder choices.
3: Leading by being autocratic, directive, perfectionist and/or hypercritical. You get things done, but the cost to yourself and your team tends to lead to burnout and attrition, diminishing potential returns over time. Learning edge: to be more collaborative, kind, trusting of your team, accepting of small failures, allowing for diversity of thought and action, letting go and delegating, understanding that good enough is often good enough.
4: Not delivering good results in a timely manner. One of my CEO clients and I made up a term for his board: "HFN" which means "Hit your f&^king numbers." Good and great leaders need to guide the right people to deliver intended results within expected times and budgets. Learning edge: focus more on accountability, tasks, processes, people, and outcomes than on other things, particularly when results are in jeopardy.
5: Leading through incongruity or hypocrisy; not doing what you say, or saying one thing and doing another. Learning edge: to take your own advice before giving it; to find your own ability to walk your talk, and show the way by doing rather than saying. Being true to yourself and your values, and consistent about them with your people.

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