A Happier Life, A Happier World :

Personal satisfaction with your life can lead to neighborhoods and societies that are better places to live. This is an important realization that is necessary to understand how improving your life is closely associated with changing the world.
When you are unhappy, you probably do not treat others with kindness. For example, you are more likely to explode with anger when you get cut off by a rude driver (again!) or have to wait in line for twenty minutes at the bank. Because of your lack of personal fulfillment and patience, the bank tellers are likely to be agitated by your bad temper, and your frustrations lead to their irritability. When they go home following the end of their shifts, they are more likely to be cranky with their spouses and short-tempered with their children.
In this case, one person’s unhappiness has affected an entire group of people. If we are living a hollow existence, we can cause other people to become unhappy as well. This is why it is crucial to live satisfying lives that fill us with contentment.
Scientific evidence has recently confirmed that happiness is contagious. Our internal well-being can affect the general well-being of our family members and friends, which can then be multiplied exponentially to all the people they know. Service, even seemingly small good deeds, leads to a more satisfying inner personal life. And when you feel positive about yourself, you share that internal joy with all the other people in your life. You change the world.
By serving others, you gain fulfillment and internal self-worth. The inner satisfaction you receive is passed on to the people around you, improving their lives and our communities.

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