Principles of Leadership

  1. Modern challenges require new approaches to leadership, and developing leaders in the 21st century context requires attention to all faculties.
  2. Transformations are not the result of charismatic leadership, but are the result of discipline and extremely hard work.
  3. We explore and develop transformational models of leadership and how to think about leadership from a transformational perspective.
  4. Transformational change requires conscious leadership: the transformation begins within.
  5. Transformational leadership is an interactive process, and not the work of one great leader.
  6. Leadership development must focus on expanding the capacity to lead effectively, rather than simply teaching skills.
  7. Transformational leadership draws on three energies: the energy of a big dream, the energy of “inside-outside”, and the energy of working at every level.
  8. Transformational leadership seeks to motivate followers by transforming their conceptions of self and their private goals to coincide with the larger purposes of the group.

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