Physical Security Measures

Physical security measures aim to either prevent a direct assault on premises or reduce the potential damage and injuries that can be inflicted should an incident occur.

For most organisations the recommended response will involve a sensible mix of general good housekeeping alongside appropriate investments in CCTV, intruder alarms and lighting that deter as well as detect – measures that will also protect against other criminal acts such as theft and vandalism and address general health and safety concerns.

In some locations these measures may already be in place to some degree. However, external and internal threats to organisations (and their staff) will constantly evolve and so all procedures and technology should be kept under constant review.

Before designing a physical security scheme, it is recommended that security practitioners read the "Guide to producing operational requirements" . An Operational Requirement (OR) is a statement of need based upon a thorough and systematic assessment of the problem to be solved and the hoped for solutions

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