Stay Safe and Secure This Diwali!

The Police have beefed up security across the city in a bid to ensure an incident-free Diwali this year. Private Security agencies are also involve in it.Enhanced security in terms of heavy deployment and Electronic Surveillance is visible in all major markets, which witness heavy footfalls during the festive season.
“Even though vulnerability is always there, whenever there is a large movement of people, we cannot afford to leave any gaps especially during festivals as the threat perception goes up,” said a senior officer.
Talking about the arrangements in the run up to the festival, the officer said even though new or temporary CCTV cameras have not been put in place especially keeping Diwali in mind, the focus was to optimize the resources at their disposal.Enhanced security in the form of heavy deployment & electronic surveillance is being ensured in major markets
Fireworks and fun go hand in hand on Diwali, the festival of lights. Although they are an integral part of Diwali festivities, fireworks need to be handled with care to avert any disasters. India’s best security Agency PLN9 , offers you some tips so you and your family can have a SafeSecure and joyous Diwali!
1-Organised a community display of fireworks rather than individual handling of crackers
2- Fireworks should be lit in open spaces only
3- Always use a long candle/agarbatti to light the firecrackers and always keep an arm’s length from the crackers
4- Light only one firecracker at a time
5- Have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water at hand
6- Before igniting the fireworks, check the area for any flammable and combustible materials and store them away safely
7- Have a safe landing zone for the aerial fireworks
8- Do read the cracker’s label for correct instructions to ignite and safety precautions
9- Always have an adult supervise the children
10- In case of burns, pour cold water on the affected area
1- Do not store firecrackers near burning divas or candles
2- Do not carry fireworks in your pocket
3- Do not wear synthetic clothing while bursting crackers
4- Do not ignite firecrackers while holding them in your hand
5- Do not let small children burst firecrackers without adult supervision
6- Do not re-ignite firecrackers that have failed to light/explode
7- Do not ignite firecrackers under a tree, overhead wires or anything that may obstruct the flight
8- Do not shoot fireworks from or in metal/glass containers
9- Do not experiment or make you own fireworks

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