Fire Safety Training

“If you wish to control a problem, you must know more about the problem than anyone else and if you need to know more about the problem, you must coin a terminology, a lexicon, that allows you to understand it and not use imperial rhetoric.”
Fire Safety Training is an essential requirement for every organization in order to protect employees, visitors or residents and to ensure the integrity of the workplace.
All of PLN9 fire Safety training classes are run by experienced fire officers, who have been carefully selected for their training skills and expertise. This gives the benefit of the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing that training has been given by the experts - people with a wide experience of fire in different environments and circumstances.
PLN9 has also set about the task of implementing high ethical standards amongst its members and to spread the awareness of life safety to the society at large.
The primary objective of the association is to act as a catalyst for growth of the fire protection, Safety And Security services including the Safety Equipment manufacturing industry in India. Other goals include promotion and application of contemporary global practices and developments in Fire Safety and Security Systems enabled through a network of similar associations across worldwide.
An organization’s security policy sets the standard for the way in which critical business information and systems will be protected from both internal and external threats.

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