Security Procedures at Airports

The security procedures at airports, which have been implemented since the September 11th terrorist attack on the Twin Towers can cause delays from time to time. Therefore either some passengers' rebelliousness or some false alarms startle the security personnel. Passengers are depressed by both the armed combat cars driving between the airplanes and the armed security personnel on the planes themselves. And the world's best and safest becomes a nightmare!However all of these precautions are to eliminate the terror problem. The expanding menace brings new rules and applications along with it. US government authorities take pictures and fingerprints of each passenger entering the country. In due course all identification information, even the home address, will be added to the reservation system when the passenger purchases his or her ticket. Passengers will have green, yellow or red colors according to the terror risk they carry.
We would like to remind frequent flyers of the important points to take into consideration when preparing luggage, and of the new rules to be applied at the Terminals.
While preparing your luggage:
Don't take restricted material to the airport, such as explosives, unnecessary electronic devices, batteries and large quantities of lighters. Try not to fill your handbag.
Don't take with you liquid products that are hard to identify. Although this might be simple cough syrup, it may create trouble at the security section.
Don't wear shoes or dresses that have metallic accessories and don't wear jewelry that will set off the alarm while passing through the metal detector.
Carry films and cameras in your handbag. The X-ray machines used to screen luggage and identify "new generation" fluid explosives can damage undeveloped films.
Never take pointed and sharp items with you. Combs with pointed handles, manicure sets, and nail files are not allowed in handbags anymore. Of course it is strictly prohibited to take jackknives etc. with you into the passenger part of the plane.
Pressurized containers such as hair sprays and deodorants are not allowed in the passenger part of the plane.
You are allowed to carry only one carry-on bag on board. The carry-on bag is described as one handbag or one personal belonging in the United States. The dimensions may not exceed 60cm x 30 cm and must weigh less than 5 kg. "Personal belongings" include a laptop, your coat or your umbrella, if it has been previously checked at a security point.
Don't forget to attach labels to your luggage with your name and address on, including your hand luggage. Most passengers don't put stickers on their hand luggage and these can sometimes be forgotten at the checkpoint. And it takes quite a long time to find the owner of the luggage.

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