Subway Security

Security Guard, deployed under ground subway should be remain very careful.He should be aware of all the potential dangers of working near underground services and should know how to reduce the risks. It deals principally with risks to health and safety rather than damage to services. However, precautions taken which reduce risks to people’s health and safety will generally also reduce the risk of damage, which can directly or indirectly pose a risk to people’s health and safety. Because of these risks underground safety may be found disturbed. Some of these risks are :
■ Electricity cables
■ Gas pipes
■ excavation, drilling and piling;
■ demolition and site remediation;
■ Water pipes and sewers
■ Telecommunication cables
#Safe system of work has three basic elements:
■ planning the work;
■ detecting, identifying and marking underground services;
■ safe excavation/safe digging practices.
Fire is more of a danger underground,Fire Safety Training is an essential requirement for all security Personnel.
#PLN9 has also set about the task of implementing high ethical standards amongst its members and to spread the awareness of life safety to the society at large.

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