How to Motivate Security Personnel

Security guards are hired for many reasons. However, it is very important that you look for a company that provides fully proficient guards. Generally it is believed that the company with a high turnover rate is not a good option to consider because constant turnover of security officers means that there is a high chance that a few or all the officers on duties are either inexperienced or new.
It usually takes six month to train a security guard which means that a company with more new security officers is not reliable as their guards will not be able to detect an unusual activity due to their unfamiliarity with the site. Furthermore they will be less likely to make a good decision in case of any emergency.
The security guard company is bound to take essential steps to retain their experienced security guards. However this is certainly not sufficient as there are a number of things that the client company should do to improve security guard retention. Both the client and the company has to work together to solve this problem.
Here are some of the suggested changes that you can make to keep the security guards motivated in working for you:
• Treating them with respect
• Get to know your security guards
• Providing clear directions to the security guards
• Show them your support when they are doing the right thing
• Acknowledge good performance
• Provide a healthy working environment

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