Academic Pressure on Students

Academic stress involves mental distress regarding anticipated academic challenges or failure or even an awareness of the possibility of academic failure. We examine the recent increase in student suicides in India which reveals the troubling consequences from academic and societal pressures youngsters face in order to achieve success in the never-ending rat race. These students are discouraged from pursuing careers which they may be originally interested in.  As a result, many students feel suffocated and limited psychologically and emotionally only working to shape their careers to please their parents and the society, which judges them on their monetary success. This, in turns, leaves many with little or no choice but to end their lives.

Children and adolescents spend a substantial part of their day in school under the supervision of school personnel. It is crucial for all school staff members to be familiar with and watchful for, risk factors and warning signs of academic pressure and mental stress. The entire school staff should work to create an environment where students feel safe and secure sharing such information. School psychologists and other crisis response team personnel, including the school counselor and school administrator, are trained to intervene when a student is identified with such stress. 


Solar Power Plant Security Tips

The location and layout of every solar farm will be different and will naturally require a close survey to identify the level of risk, the relative ease with which thieves may access the area and the potential measures for protection. Professional security measures can actively prevent solar farm theft and some of the equipment used, such as monitored CCTV, can even help to catch thieves and be used as evidence in prosecutions.

Tips for securing the solar plant site could include:
Ø  Perimeter fencing with fully secured access points- Perimeter fencing and screening restrict view and access, so that the quality and quantity of panels may be hidden from view and also to make access to them more difficult.

Ø  Remote CCTV Monitoring off- Site by professional security personnel ensure active monitoring and fast response in the event of any issues, as detection software is also deployed to send alerts or raise alarm should suspicious or unexpected activity occur.

Ø  Manned guarding - Manned guarding creates a visual deterrent through the combination of relevant signage and the presence of guards. There is also the effective, active deterrent against theft, patrolling at agreed intervals, including checks across the whole area.

Ø  Infrared lighting to ensure effective CCTV- Installing infrared lighting can be an additional security measure because it provides enough light to allow effective monitoring and recording, allowing CCTV to offer maximum reliability and efficiency.


School Safety- Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment means any unwanted behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended. Bullying can take many forms, including:
  • cyber bullying or sexual harassment
  • teasing or name-calling
  • shoving, hitting, tripping, hair-pulling, or any other kind of physical assault
  • damaging or stealing belongings
  • demanding money

It’s important to recognize that bullying can have serious, long-term effects on children, from skipping school and dropping grades to anxiety and depression. Bullied students are more likely to take a weapon to school, get involved in physical fights, suffer from health problems, and mental health problems. A number of steps that school can take to stop bullying and harassment in schools:

Conduct Bullying Prevention Activities such as all-school assemblies, communications campaigns highlighting school values to bring the community together and reinforce the message that bullying is wrong and must increase adult supervision to ensure safety and security of students.

Develop a School-wide Code of Conduct that reinforces school values and clearly defines unacceptable behavior and consequences.

Assess the Extent of the Problem Survey students, staff and parents to find out how much and what type of bullying is going, as well as where and when, to target prevention efforts.


School Security

No task is as important as creating Safe and Secure learning Environment for our’s nation children. We send our children to learn in schools all this because we know they will be safe there. But, we know that this has not always been so. There have been multiple incidents since then. Some sexual in nature, some due to negligence and others due to willful harm inflicted on our children.

It is the task of a School to provide a safe, caring, nurturing atmosphere. Ensure that every part of the school is supervised by a teacher especially during break and sports. Create a buddy system where children are paired up, or are in groups of three. They are responsible for knowing where their buddies are at any point of time, and preferably staying with them. Educate children and make them aware of their own rights over their bodies. School authorities should always be keen about Auditing the School Infrastructure.  Include Parents in the safety community. With care, with vigilance and with supervision the school can be made a safe space. It takes effort, and this effort must be put in by the schools.


Solar Plant and Security

Nowadays, solar power is the most viable solution to save mankind and ultimately the nature for long. Imperativeness of solar power plants can easily be seen at residential and commercial levels, in underdeveloped to developed countries. This is why solar power plant security become significantly evident and an immediate step would make the whole station secured. Protecting a solar plant has unique challenges that require protecting long, dark fence line in remote areas with limited bandwidth and power. Prevention of unauthorized access, vandalism and theft are key concerns in safeguarding costly investments in photovoltaic technology.

Benefits of having Security Services in solar power plants:-

Security Officers are continuous security patrolling of site and office. If any theft happens, security personnel conduct investigation and inquiries seriously until the thief gets caught. Daily activities logs monitoring, site or gate access control, keeping watch on equipment movement, watching the log maintenance.

Depending on site-specific requirements, multiple technologies can be used like Video surveillance solutions facilitate remote alarm verification; ensure immediate and accurate identification of threats. A combination of fixed and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras with infrared illumination capability allows for a manual verification of any situation and remote inspection. With solar energy playing an increasing role in power supply, it is ever more important to secure these critical infrastructure sites effectively.


Parents Responsibilities in School Safety

Kids need a safe and comfortable environment to learn to the best of their capabilities. This means they have to feel safe in their school and be able to positively interact with their teachers and classmates. Children, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety by following procedures and reporting concerns. While the school staff has been trained and continues to receive guidance on how best to help students, the best advocate for your child is YOU!
The role of parents has becoming increasingly important. Talk to your children about their day. Ask your children if they see anyone bullied, if they are bullied, or if anything else makes them feel uncomfortable. Map out with your children a safe way for them to walk to school or to the bus stop. Ask children about their bus - who they sit with, who they talk to, and what the other kids do. Ask about the safety and emergency plans for your children’s school. Provide the school and your child's teacher with up-to-date contact information for family or friends who can help out if you are unavailable. They have to learn about the school's plan for emergency response, including parental access during emergencies, school emergency contact information, meet-up locations, and other reunification plans.


Benefits of Internship

The Benefits of doing an Internship:-
Ø  Experience
Ø  Gain Confidence
Ø  Time Management
Ø  Career foundation

Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field.
Internships and volunteer experiences make candidates more competitive in the job market. Internship are a way to get your feet wet, in addition to gaining exposure and experience in the field, they also provide an opportunity to see if the particular career field is the right one based on getting personal experience in the field.

Internships provide students numerous perks: They gain experience, develop skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, and assess their interest and abilities.


New Safety and Security Guidelines

After two incidents of gruesome crimes against children were reported in the National Capital Region, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued new Safety and Security guidelines for all schools. The schools will face de-recognition if they don’t follow the guidelines.
·   Safety Audits of schools done by their respective local police stations, installation of CCTV Cameras  at all vulnerable areas inside schools and limiting the entry of outsiders.
·   The CBSE asked the schools to ensure that support staff was employed only from Authorised Agencies and proper records are maintained.
·   Schools were asked to constitute separate Committees  for redressal of grievances of the public, staff, parents and students. The board also directed the schools to constitute an internal complaints committee for complaints regarding Sexual Harassment.

These guidelines are mandatory for all schools, any violation or lapses with regard to safety and well being of children in School Campus would invite appropriate action including the disaffiliation of the school as per the provisions under affiliation bye-laws of the board.

As per govt. guideline PLN9 has design Safe School Plan  for better safety and security of Schools.


PLN9 Safe School Plan

“Everybody will have to work for safety and security of school in sync”.  -PLN9

Schools are critical infrastructure entrusted with the responsibility of creating citizens of tomorrow. A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. Thus ensuring safety of children, teachers and staff members during disasters is necessary.
PLN9 specialize in providing training and consultation to our clients in the following areas:-

The purpose of designing this training compendium is to disseminate the training facilities available in the Schools for the security and safety of both school and children.

Burning issues of Security Industry

Burning issues of #Security #Industry
1. Why should a #service #provider pay the compliance unless payment received from client?
2. Mere #10% service charges and burden of #wages in advance, #compliance in advance and #penalties/#interest
Why Government should not take initiative for #amendment in #Law ?
3. Every time security companies are been #raided by #Service Tax, #PF#ESIC departments, when informed about defaulters "#principal #employer, and to conduct raid, they say it is not in their #jurisdiction.
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Corporate Security

Most staff within any organization is trustworthy and honest. However, company does realize and understand the scale of the threat posed by the small proportion of staff that act dishonestly and defraud their employer. Depending on the nature of the business and the products and services offered, members of staff may have many opportunities to commit fraud. Fraudulent activity can range from compromising customer or payroll data to straightforward theft or the submission of inflated expenses. Staff fraud can have an opportunistic element that is, undertaken by an individual for personal financial gain, or can be linked to a serious and organized criminal network.
Due to the diverse nature of businesses and organizations, implementing a fully standardized approach to staff fraud would not be feasible or easy. There are, however, a number of key best practice policies and procedures that all organizations should consider following:
1- Organizations should establish dedicated units to specialize in proactively targeting and reactively investigating cases of staff fraud.
2- Those proven to be involved in staff fraud should be ‘named and shamed’ as a deterrent. This should take place in an appropriate forum or using an appropriate medium to minimize disruption to the rest of the workforce.
3- A true zero tolerance policy should be implemented where all cases of staff fraud with a sufficient burden of proof are reported to the police to facilitate a prosecution.
4- Those organizations or departments where staff fraud poses a huge risk and that have suffered from numerous attacks should introduce stringent controls and tough anti-staff fraud measures.
5- When staff fraud is identified, an effective communication policy is essential to prevent disruption and a negative impact on morale by dispelling any speculation, misinformation, unsubstantiated rumors or gossip circulating within departments.


Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the trade of human beings for exploitative purposes including bonded and forced labour, commercial sexual exploitation and illegal organ-trade. It is a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim's rights of movement through coercion and because of their commercial exploitation. Human trafficking is not only a human security issue, but the fight against human trafficking is also one of the most important human rights. The following practices can be used to fight against human trafficking:
-Be aware of companies and products that may be involved with child labour.
-Include human trafficking into the professional realm. Specifically, at conferences and within training manuals that relate to this discussion. Help people understand the severity of the issue.
-Join a task force initiative for law enforcement officials. Host events to discuss, show films or do anything related to raising awareness of human trafficking.
-Bring awareness to schools and universities. Encourage information to be provided in the curriculums and in the classrooms. Evoke emotion from students and share with them the steps to help fight for the end of human trafficking.
-Volunteer with local outreach or global outreach groups to help fight human trafficking.
-Seek out anti-trafficking organizations or create a startup organization geared toward spreading awareness and ways to prevent these acts from occurring.


School Safety and Security

Security in schools has always been a top priority, but recently it has moved to a necessity. The increasing rate of aggression and violence in schools alarms the wider community. Most shocking cases are escalating brutal violence and murder in the school attack. Providing students a healthy, secure, safe and inviting learning environment where they are protected from physical and emotional harm is central to the mission of all schools. Safe schools are not just places with advanced security procedures. They are also places that help students develop assets that allow them to succeed even in difficult circumstances. The following protective measures should be considered in every school security program:

Non-Violence Intervention: have systems in place to deal with students, parents or teachers who act out aggressively. Acts of violence, sexual harassment, statutory rape, drugs, weapons, gangs, bombs, shootings, murders, computer hacking, theft and irate disgruntled parents all require crisis response.
Security systems: Security cameras, metal detectors, pass keys, access controls, and radios have their advantages. Utilizing these devices effectively means strategically placing them in areas of concern and having diligent staff monitoring and operating these devices to their fullest capacity.
Parents Responsibilities: Parents need to be involved with the security function at school. They must be aware of what measures has the school taken to ensure their children safety.
Security Officers: School Resource Officers are trained professionals who enforce rules of law, they also educate and council students and teachers, and monitor premise security and installed technologies. Security Officers require the support of school officials.
Self Defense: Understanding basic personal safety philosophy, basic self-defense techniques and how to disarm an assailant are fundamental lifesaving strategies in today’s volatile society.
Physical Security: It is fundamental to normal growth and development. Teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn in a hostile environment. A pro-active approach to security is the only way to ensure a safe and secure environment. Reactive responses to security not only are ineffective; the damage has already been done.


Hate Crimes

Hate crimes or “bias” crimes are crimes motivated by the perpetrator’s bias against a particular group of people on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Hate crimes are simultaneously impersonal and fundamentally personal.They are impersonal because the perpetrator usually does not know the victim and commits the crime against him because he was simply the first black, Muslim, Hindu, etc. person the perpetrator came across.

Identifying Hate Crimes

Hate crimes can be directed against individuals, groups, and both real and personal property. Hate crimes can take many forms including: 
1. Anti-Individual/Group
• Physical assault/battery 
• Verbal harassment/threats
2. Anti-Property 
• Vandalism
• Graffiti  
• Trespassing
Preventing Hate Crimes
• Conduct a thorough check of doors, windows, and locks, to ensure that they all work.
• If possible, install security cameras and a monitored alarm system.
• contact security agency to conduct deployment on the workplace to evaluate the overall security.
• Attend any seminars and trainings on preventing hate crimes offered by the Security agency.


PLN9 Skill Development Training

The main goal of skill development training is to create opportunities, space and scope for the development of the talents of the Indian. The emphasis is to skill the youths in such a way so that they get employment and also improve entrepreneurship. Skill development will enable the youths to get blue-collar jobs. Development of skills, at a young age, is very essential to channelize for proper job opportunities.

PLN9 is accredited with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) as a Training Partner to conduct training programs. PLN9 skill development programs provide training, support and guidance for better growth through structured curriculum. To encourage enterprise and boost employment creation, PLN9 provide skilling programmes with specialized courses in different sectors. Our idea is to raise confidence, improve productivity and give direction through proper skill development. We focused on improving language skills, communication skills, positive thinking skills, life skills, personality development skills, mentoring skills, management skills, job skills, behavioural skills, tolerance skills and employability skills.


Safety Tips for the Festive Season

The festival season is a celebration time but it also has various security and safety implications. In the past also there have been incidents of terrorist attacks during this period. The crowded markets, public transport systems and busy road network make it easier for any terrorist’s elements to strike. Also there are increased risks of fire incidents due to use of fireworks and lighting during the festivals. Follow these steps to keep your experiences enjoyable and safe during festive seasons:-
- The markets are crowded and provide an attractive target for terrorist attacks. Avoid crowded markets, especially where the crowd is not being monitored by police. Restrict shopping to malls and high end shopping complexes where the security check of an individual is carried out before granting access.
- The ad hoc electric connections for lighting up the houses, commercial establishments are a safety risk. Keep away from make shift shops, markets selling fire crackers and be careful about  lighting arrangements in market places, work places and places of stay.
- Ensure that your hotel and working place have been inspected, audited for fire safety and hand held anti fire equipment is readily available for handling small fires.
- Always obey the rules of the road. Stay within the speed limits at all times.
- Always carry an emergency kit (first aid box). The kit should include items that would come in handy if you are involved in an accident.

- Be careful when using fire crackers, some of them can be dangerous if not fired properly. Crackers should be fired only in open areas. Wear cotton cloths and avoid cloths made from synthetic materials.


Fire Class

Fire class is a term used to denote the type of fire, in relation to the combustion materials which have ignited. Different fuels create different fires and require different types of fire extinguishing agents. And it is important to know about class of fire to use right fire extinguisher. There are several different classifications of fires based primarily on the fuel source.
Class A Fire- It is the fire of wood, paper, linen and similar dry materials. They are extinguished by cooling and quenching effect of water. The water reduces the temperature of burning substances below their combustion temperature. These are the most frequent and easiest to extinguish when there is an ample water supply and when water can be directed on the combustible material .Keeping the other combustible material wet will limit the spreading of fire.
Class B Fire- These includes fires of oil, gasoline, grease and other petroleum product. These fires are extinguished by blanketing the source of burning substances and eliminating the supply of Petroleum products is lighter than water and will float on water and continue to burn and spread by means of flowing water to other section of the building, hence water is never used for this category.
Class C Fire- These is the fires of pressurized gases like L.P.G., most of the gases are lighter than air but L.P.G. is heavier than air. Water is not to be used for this class of fire.
Class D Fire- These is fire of metals having low burning temperature like Na, Mg etc. Once a metal ignites do not use water in an attempt to extinguish it. Only use a Dry Powder extinguishing agent. Dry powder agents work by smothering and heat absorption.
Class E Fire- These is electrical fire. The fire extinguishing agent must not conduct electrical energy which could spread the fire. Electrical fires are usually blanketed and cooled down. Water is a good cooling agent but it also conducts electricity, so it is not used to control or extinguish this class of fire. Electrical fire is usually caused by a part of circuit overheating or by short circuit. Controlling the sizes of electrical fuses and circuit breaker will often minimize this class of fire.


Hotel Security and Safety Precautions

Providing an accommodating atmosphere that doesn't compromise safety is the biggest challenge that hotels face. It is very important to have a proper safety and security system in place to protect staff, guests and physical resources and assets such as equipment, appliances, buildings, and gardens of the hotel and also the belongings of the guest. That’s why it is important to take precautionary measures and continually evaluate security programs. Important safety and security measures necessary in hotels:
Security Cameras: Security cameras with digital technology, intelligent access central system, software interface with CCTV for matching undesirable visitors and criminals, along with metal detectors, and spy cameras and use of biometric readers like hand key reader or face recognition system etc.
Key Card Locks and Security Guards: Guest room locking systems should include punch and magnetic key cards which have locks with flash memory and other functions. Trained security guards working 24-hours every day to provide the best in safety and security for the guests.
Fire Alarms: Smoke detectors and fire alarms in each guest room and throughout the entire complex that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week that pinpoints the exact point of the alarm allowing security staff to respond immediately to the area of any alarm condition.
Patrol Public Areas: Closed-circuit TV cameras with recording systems are essential for securing such busy public spaces as bars, docks, lounges, and parking lots. Active monitoring of the camera images by staff and proper lighting reduces the opportunities for crimes.Offering a security concierge to escort guests also minimizes the risk of non-assaultive crimes, such as luggage thefts.
Train Staff: Hotel security is only as good as the level of training given to staff, who serves as management's eyes and ears. Management should empower staff to take responsibility in addressing unusual behavior that occurs on hotel property, without jeopardizing their own safety. 


Retail Security

As a small business retailer, it's not always easy to just throw money at problems like shoplifting and take advantage of all the technology that big box retailers may be privy to. Whether it's cameras, door scanners, or facial-recognition software, sometimes their big-ticket cost just doesn't fit with your small business security budget.
But when you recognize facts like shoplifting costing retailers each year, it's important to identify it as a problem that needs to be dealt with.
So, what's a retail owner to do? In this post, I'll be looking at cost-effective and low-tech tactics that you can start implementing right away.
1. Keep Your Store Organized and Products Well-Placed.
2. Identify Common Shoplifting Methods and Traits.
3. Leverage Coordinated Customer Service to Your Advantage.
4. Optimize Your Store's Design and Layout for Theft Prevention
5. Signage .


Team Spirit Skill

Team spirit is the key to success. Team spirit plays an important role both in personal and professional life. When peoples get together for achieving a common goal and common attitude shows during work that is called team spirit. A proverb is established like that, “Coming together is a beginning.
Taking all of this into consideration, perhaps the best way to define teamwork is: when a group of people work together cohesively, towards a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance.
Here are six ways to cultivate a collaborative Team environment.
1- Communicate company expectations. Make it clear that collaboration is the minimum standard.
2- Set team goals.
3- Foster a creative atmosphere.
4- Build cohesion.
5- Know one another.
6- Leverage team member strengths.


Challenges in Private Security Industry

The private security services industry is one of the largest employers in India. In spite of rapid growth over the last few years, the industry faces a number of challenges.
Lack of quality manpower : The private security services industry is manpower intensive and requires a considerable number of personnel to sustain its growth momentum. Availability of quality manpower is one of the key issues plaguing the industry. A majority of security guards do not receive significant higher wages than the stipulated minimum wages. This makes it difficult to attract and retain personnel.
High attrition rates : Attrition is a major cause for concern in the security services industry. This is due to the poor benefits and compensation packages, improper understanding of the operating environment, and lack of development opportunities to allow employees to grow.
Compliance concerns : Increasing compliance requirements such as training and minimum wages can lead to escalation of costs, which pressurizes margins as well as reduces the attractiveness of certain opportunities for leading players, where the unorganized sector, with low compliance costs, will be more cost competitive.
Career progression : A security guard has a very small career progression path. A maximum level that he can attain with adequate training is that of a supervisor, with not much increase in the money that he earns.
Over dependence on manpower : The security industry has pre-dominantly become manpower intensive. Due to lack of availability of skilled manpower, most of the agencies hire people to meet the basic demand of guarding entrances and exists.