Academic Pressure on Students

Academic stress involves mental distress regarding anticipated academic challenges or failure or even an awareness of the possibility of academic failure. We examine the recent increase in student suicides in India which reveals the troubling consequences from academic and societal pressures youngsters face in order to achieve success in the never-ending rat race. These students are discouraged from pursuing careers which they may be originally interested in.  As a result, many students feel suffocated and limited psychologically and emotionally only working to shape their careers to please their parents and the society, which judges them on their monetary success. This, in turns, leaves many with little or no choice but to end their lives.

Children and adolescents spend a substantial part of their day in school under the supervision of school personnel. It is crucial for all school staff members to be familiar with and watchful for, risk factors and warning signs of academic pressure and mental stress. The entire school staff should work to create an environment where students feel safe and secure sharing such information. School psychologists and other crisis response team personnel, including the school counselor and school administrator, are trained to intervene when a student is identified with such stress. 

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