Hate Crimes

Hate crimes or “bias” crimes are crimes motivated by the perpetrator’s bias against a particular group of people on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Hate crimes are simultaneously impersonal and fundamentally personal.They are impersonal because the perpetrator usually does not know the victim and commits the crime against him because he was simply the first black, Muslim, Hindu, etc. person the perpetrator came across.

Identifying Hate Crimes

Hate crimes can be directed against individuals, groups, and both real and personal property. Hate crimes can take many forms including: 
1. Anti-Individual/Group
• Physical assault/battery 
• Verbal harassment/threats
2. Anti-Property 
• Vandalism
• Graffiti  
• Trespassing
Preventing Hate Crimes
• Conduct a thorough check of doors, windows, and locks, to ensure that they all work.
• If possible, install security cameras and a monitored alarm system.
• contact security agency to conduct deployment on the workplace to evaluate the overall security.
• Attend any seminars and trainings on preventing hate crimes offered by the Security agency.

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