School Security

No task is as important as creating Safe and Secure learning Environment for our’s nation children. We send our children to learn in schools all this because we know they will be safe there. But, we know that this has not always been so. There have been multiple incidents since then. Some sexual in nature, some due to negligence and others due to willful harm inflicted on our children.

It is the task of a School to provide a safe, caring, nurturing atmosphere. Ensure that every part of the school is supervised by a teacher especially during break and sports. Create a buddy system where children are paired up, or are in groups of three. They are responsible for knowing where their buddies are at any point of time, and preferably staying with them. Educate children and make them aware of their own rights over their bodies. School authorities should always be keen about Auditing the School Infrastructure.  Include Parents in the safety community. With care, with vigilance and with supervision the school can be made a safe space. It takes effort, and this effort must be put in by the schools.

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