Fire Safety in Public Transport

Bus transportation is regarded as one of the safest modes of public transportation. Millions of passengers ride safely every day to and from work and school, and for pleasure. Buses pose many unique challenges in regard to fire risks. Fire safety plays a major role in public transport because in variably there are a large number of people in an enclosed ‘area’ which is also mobile. This makes sudden escape tougher so it is essential to ensure not only is enough care taken against a fire accident but in the event it does take place, there are enough drills carried out to minimize injuries.

It is never possible to rule out the risk of fire. High fire loads like cabling networks and onsite technical equipment, as well as the inattentiveness of passengers or staff pose a constant risk of fire. The right choice of materials, fitting of seat belts, requirements for manual fire extinguishers and the installation of fully automatic fire fighting systems in engine compartments are safety measures that have been applied. The existing fire detection system should be complemented by a fire fighting system that automatically extinguishes the fire. 


Policy Amendment by Govt.

Amending rules on small savings schemes like National Savings Certificates (NSC) and Public Provident Fund (PPF), the government has notified that such accounts would be closed prior to maturity in case of holders changing their personal status to become non-resident Indians (NRIs). The amended rules were notified in the official gazette earlier this month. The amendment to the PPF Scheme, said: "If a resident, who opened an account under this scheme, subsequently becomes a non-resident during the currency of the maturity period, the account shall be deemed to be closed with effect from the day he becomes non-resident."

A separate notification on NSCs said that in case of a similar change of status of the certificate holder before the maturity period, "the certificate will be  encashed, or deemed to be encashed on the day he becomes non-resident" and interest will be paid accordingly.


Security Challenges in Metro System

Recently India’s first bullet train project announced in Ahmedabad. After the metros, the high speed corridor is the next big thing in the Indian mass transit system. There have been multiple attacks on metro systems across the globe; the most recent was in April 2017 at Saint Petersburg Metro Train in Russia, where a briefcase bomb packed with shrapnel exploded on the train. The extensive use of metro transit systems by many sections of the public makes them highly attractive targets for terrorists wanting to maximize panic and destruction.
Security of mass transit systems is a global issue. Metro systems ranked the highest in terms of the perceived risk as targets of terrorism. In all the metro systems which are operational in India, different security agencies providing security cover. Preventive security measures on metros include screening of passengers and luggage with X-ray scanners and metal detectors, hand searches, passenger profiling, sniffing dogs, and armed guards. With proper security procedures, it’s hard to operate illegally or carry out an attack in this environment. This creates a deterrent effect.


Election Security

Recently Election Commission (EC) announced that the Gujarat Assembly elections will be held in two phases on December, respectively. The nature of an election makes it vulnerable to a range of security threats against participants, infrastructure, information and materials.
Electoral violence involves any use of force with the intent to cause harm or the threat to use force to harm persons or property involved in the electoral process. In any election, authorities take steps to ensure that voters, candidates, poll workers, observers, and other actors involved in an election experience the process free from fear or harm and to ensure that sensitive election materials are kept secure.
Security Personnel is required to maintain order at a polling station. It is the duty of the security officers to escort election materials to the polling stations, maintain law and order during polling, counting and escort results and other electrical materials to the collation centre. The security officers are also mandated to ensure that the queue of voters is orderly, take all necessary measures to prevent violence or any activity that threatens the safe conduct of the election.


Facility Management

Facility Management is the management of buildings and services. It is a process of managing and maintaining the facilities in an organization. The facilities include office complex, physical resources at the company or site and any other mechanical and electrical utilities. Identifying maintenance needs, prioritizing deferred maintenance, and strategizing for long-term building and equipment requirements is at the core of facility management. PLN9 deliver cost effective and customer centric Housekeeping and Facility Management solutions with quality Service and high degree of Professionalism. We provide proficient maintenance services to our clients.

Benefits of Facilities Management:
·         Enable cost-effective working processes within the business.
·         Smarter working using intelligent systems and applications.
·         Management of buildings, people, assets and much more.
·         Increase the overall efficiency of an organization.
·         Maintain complete compliancy.


Role and Responsiblities of Armed Security Officer

- Observe every person within premises and stop unauthorized entry.
- Detaining or arresting the criminal violators and keeping a vigil on the suspects.
- Protecting the people and the property associated with the client. A properly trained armed security officer can help add another level of protection.
- Answering various service calls related to any criminal activities or problems, and issuing the traffic violation warnings to general public.
- Engaging in mobile patrolling during the duty hours and walking from location to location in order to ensure safety and security.
- Banks, insurance firms, local government offices, precious metal mining companies and even hyper malls employ the services of armed security officers when they need to transport their valuables such as cash and gold to safer destinations.
- Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities and informing violators of policy and procedures.
- Armed security officers play an important role in operating security equipments like video cameras, security alarms, body scanners and fire equipment within their stations.


Event Security

Special events raise the stakes and demand a heightened level of focus on security protocols and contingency planning. FIFA U-17 World Cup, the biggest football event taking place in six cities of New Delhi, Goa, Kochi, Guwahati, Kolkata and Navi Mumbai (India). Police sources say that for this event, security personnel’s  from certified private agencies are deployed to ensure security of fans. Police sources claimed that from parks to buildings and nearby areas, several policemen have been deployed to keep a watch. Any special event introduces new variables into the security equation. Such events normally introduce people of unknown backgrounds into the environment and attract the attention of many who aren’t security-conscious.
Safety Measures during Events:
- Be aware of the location of the entrances and exits in use on the day, the 
   fire-fighting equipment and the first aid posts.
- Ensuring that overcrowding does not occur in any part of the site.
- Preventing the public climbing fences, barriers, lighting or sound towers,            equipment and so on.
- Identification of emergency routes and access for the emergency services.
- Proper equipment must be onsite for screening of individuals to the desired        level of security.


Women’s Safety

The Supreme Court has decided to put in place a regulatory regime for making public transport authorities, including app-based taxi services accountable for breach of women’s safety. A bench of Justices accepted the suggestions of amicus curiae and senior advocate for creating such a regime to check sexual harassment of women when they travel in public transport buses or app-based taxis. Advocate said there was no uniformity among states to deal with sexual harassment in public transport and also wanted a proper victim compensation scheme.
No steps are being taken for maintenance of a logbook, creating awareness, recruitment of more cops and providing them with sophisticated security gadgets and installing CCTV cameras in sensitive places. The court asked the National Legal Services Authority to suggest a model victim compensation scheme, which could be put in place in all states to provide relief to victims of sexual harassment. The bench was hearing a PIL filed expressing concern over the rising rate of crime, particularly rape incidents across the country. They submitted that the first measure should be that all public and transport vehicles should be fitted with GPS system; all vehicles should carry information of the owners, drivers, conductors, cleaners on the backside of the vehicles.

Tips For Women Safety:
1. Always be aware of your surroundings.
2. If you see something suspicious, report it.
3. If you have to defend yourself, aim for body parts on your attacker that are tender and cannot be strengthened.
4. Don’t leave things lying around the yard that someone could use to access your home.
5. Try not to fall asleep when you are taking a cab.
6. Always while commuting through a private cab or even auto, make sure that you click a photo of the cab with its number plate.


Government Security Advisory for Diwali

In a countrywide advisory, the Ministry has asked all states to deploy additional forces in crowded places such as markets, railway stations, bus terminals and religious places to foil attempts by terrorists to carry out attacks. The Union Home Ministry has asked state governments to be extra vigilant during the ongoing festival season against attempts by terrorists and subversive elements to disrupt peace and ignite communal tension. Expressing apprehensions of terrorist attacks and communal tension around Diwali, the Home Ministry has asked security agencies across the country to remain on full alert.

States have also been asked to take all precautionary measures to deal with any contingency situation. For the next four days till 'Bhaiya Dooj', huge crowds are likely in markets and public places across the country. In its advisory to the states, the Ministry has said that anti-social elements are looking for an opportunity to carry out attacks during Diwali taking advantage of the crowd at markets and public places. The Ministry has asked the State Governments to keep the security agencies on full alert to foil any attempts to spread disturbance. It has also directed the Central Agencies to keep a close watch on the situation.


Wishing All of You Happy Diwali - PLN9 Family

Diwali Safety Precautions

Diwali is thoroughly enjoyed by people as they love the splendor and sparkle of fireworks.  Every single year, during Diwali, there are hundreds of accidental fires in homes culminating in injuries and even death. The festival of joy turns into a tragedy for the families affected. Some safety precautions that can make Diwali really joyous for you and everyone around:
Safety precautions with Lightening, Always make it a point to not to light Diyas or candles near the curtains or other hanging decorations of the home. Fix the candles firmly only on a surface that is hard and not-inflammable. The electric lights should never be tied to any metal poles as any current leak can energize the pole and give a shock to anyone who touches the pole.
Safety precautions about dressing, Wearing the right clothing during celebrating Diwali is vital to ensure that your Diwali is safe. Opt for cotton clothes that cover the maximum part of your body but do not hang lose. Maximum coverage ensures better safety from fire. Wear cotton apparel and keep a safe distance from the fireworks.
Safety precautions while brusting crackers, Make sure to store the fire crackers in a closed box away from fire, heat and electrical wirings. Light only one fire cracker at a time so that you can keep your full attention on it. Don't attempt to make fireworks at home.  Always keep a first aid box close.


Safety Audits at Mumbai’s Railway Stations

After Elphinstone Road station stampede, thirteen teams from the Central and Western Railways, civic bodies and the police have begun safety audits of more than 100 railway stations on Mumbai’s suburban network. According to officials, the teams will inspect every station during peak hours to understand the safety issues. In the marathon meetings conducted on September 29 and 30, in the aftermath of the Elphinstone Road station stampede which killed 23 people, Railways Minister Piyush Goyal had directed both the zonal railways to form multidisciplinary bodies as early as possible and conduct safety audits of the suburban railway stations.
Acting on the directive, the Central Railway has formed eight multidisciplinary teams for inspecting its 76 suburban stations on the main, harbour and trans-harbour corridors. Similarly, the Western Railway has formed five teams that will take stock of the passenger safety situation at every station between Churchgate and Dahanu Road.
Senior railway official said the audit report would be submitted to the zonal railways, after which the teams could suggest solutions such as whether the entry-exit points of stations need to be widened or cleared, whether new Foot Over Bridges are required or existing ones need to be widened, or more personnel from the Railway Protection  Force (RPF) or Government Railway Police (GRP) are needed.


Government to Audit all Aadhaar Enrolment Centres

Facing questions over the privacy and security of the Aadhaar systems in the Supreme Court, the government has decided to conduct an independent audit of all 50,000-odd Aadhaar enrolment centres and inspect them in person. 
Three independent auditors will assess if enrolment centres are adhering to UIDAI processes and guidelines, if the hardware and software deployed at the enrolment centres are as per UIDAI specifications check if the enrolment centre is not involved in any corrupt practices and people are not being overcharged for Aadhaar services. 
UIDAI has engaged enrolment agencies as registrars who have set up enrolment centres by hiring operators and supervisors and UIDAI recommended hardware. There have been concerns raised in the past over how the registrars are capturing demographic and biometric detail of residents and uploading them to UIDAI’s Central Identification Data Depository. UIDAI has claimed its systems are secure and it will pass the ‘privacy test’ before SC. 
UIDAI is also launching a major information drive to impress upon people the benefits of linking their Aadhaar with their bank account, PAN, mobile number or ration cards and put to rest security concerns. In a brief for private agencies to make short films, UIDAI says there have been “wild allegations that CIA has gained access to Aadhaar data” and said nothing could be more untrue.


Safety Precautions During Festive Season

The festive season is here. Parties and festivities build team moral and provide staff with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements. Whilst the Focus On Risks team love to party (all invitations will be gratefully received), we are also very conscious of the fact that accidents, and employer duty of care obligations, do no take time off during the festive season. To help you make this a safe and happy holiday season, we have developed a list of safety tips. Remember, safety is achievable with a few simple steps, you can have great celebrations without any painful mishaps. 

When planning festive season celebrations: 
1- Undertake a risk assessment to identify foreseeable hazards and their consequences 
2- Ensure the venue is as safe as possible. If at home, check safety pool fences etc.
3- Involve your safety representative in an inspection of the venue before the event. 
4- Implement strategies to manage foreseeable risks. 
5- Ensure that all relevant safety information, including the ground rules for behaviour, is communicated to employees and relevant parties prior to any function. 
6- Make it clear to employees that the employer’s responsibility ceases at the end of the function and if staff choose to continue the evening, they will be responsible for their own safety. 
7- Maintain supervision of behaviour during the event
8- Review your workplace policies (e.g. Drug and Alcohol and Harassment Policies) and remind employees of their obligations. 
9- If young children will be present check chemical storage areas are locked and what other hazards could cause harm. 
10- Allocate a responsible person to look after the children on a rotational basis.


Crowd Safety and Security

Festivals are continuing to grow both in size and popularity. With a larger number of people attending it’s essential to have the right security measures in place. Festivals and events are a massive draw for people of all ages. Big name festivals such as Holi, Diwali continue to bring in huge crowds. A big crowd is always difficult to keep in order. To keep a festival safe it’s vital that certain security measures are put in place. At a festival, there’s a lot going on at all times, and security will need to try to keep an eye on as many areas all the time.
At PLN9 Security we understand the need of a professional approach to the security of events this plays a critical role in an individual's impression of the service. Essentially a safe environment promotes a relaxed atmosphere enabling customers to enjoy themselves without the fear of harassment or injury in the festive season. We can provide excellent and efficient crowd safety management to ensure visitors are safe at all times.
For crowd safety and security during festivals and events, security personnel’s may be deployed for:
·Searching- Body and bag as appropriate
·Patrolling and parking security
·Entrance and exit security
·In-event security, including bar and stage activity or special equipment security
·Communication- Professionally experienced security personnel communicate 
 appropriately with the public regarding their issues.


Strategies for Preventing Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person’s disability, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation and transgender identity. This can be committed against a person or property. Strategies for Preventing Hate Crimes:-
  •  Assist Victims of Hate Crimes - Hate crime victims are especially vulnerable, fearful and alone. Supporting victims of such hate crimes improves the overall climate of the community, help ensure the health and wellbeing of community members, and can deescalate tensions, all of which is significant to prevention efforts.
  • ·Advocate for Hate Crime Prevention- By using tools from violence prevention and prejudice reduction programs, students can become the most effective advocates for the hate crime prevention.
  • ·Identify, Report and Speak Up- Hate must be exposed and denounced. Help news organizations achieve balance and depth. If you are a victim, report every incident and ask for help.
  • · Raise Awareness, Education and Outreach- Community education through mass media and campus groups encourages involvement and support from the community by raising awareness of the injustice and divisiveness of hate crime and highlighting opportunities to make a difference through prevention programs.
  • · Develop hate Crime Partnerships and coalitions- Develop Partnerships and coalitions among key players to improve communication between groups, increase the effectiveness of programs, and improve the potential for success.


Solar Plant Security Planning

Security is an important concern for large-scale solar farms, with significant investment out in the open and often in remote areas. Many solar sites suffer theft, since panels are easy to re-fit elsewhere and copper cabling remains attractive to thieves. Unauthorized access to solar generation farms sometimes endangers the lives of the intruders, employees and inhabitants of the nearby community. 
Considerations for Solar Farm Security Planning  are:
a.) Threat Deterrence Measures - Threat deterrence at solar farm substation includes physical deterrents like high fencing, crash-proof vehicle gates and smart locks along with the implementation of both policies and technologies that control authorized access. When a solar facility experiences unacceptable intrusion rates, then an evaluation of desired deterrence measures are required.
b.) Threat Detection/Assessment Technologies - Motion detection, sound detection, lighting and video surveillance represent the current technologies that effectively and economically detect and assess threats to solar farms.
c.) Intrusion Response Plan - Complete security strategies include an intrusion response procedure. Security personnel’s are aware of the laws of trespass and preventing unwanted visitors to solar farms. Security systems are essential for suitable operation of a solar farm in order to avoid damages and possibly plant downtime from theft and vandalism.


Runway Safety

Runway safety is concerned with reducing harm that could occur on an aircraft runway. Runway Safety embodies a safe flight. It embraces all mattters concerned with the identification and prevention of hazards that might impede the safe take off, taxiing and landing at an aerodrome of all types of aircraft. Runway incursion occurs due to the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and takeoff of aircraft. A runway excursion is an event in which an aircraft veers off or overruns the runway surface during either take-off or landing. Runway confusion occurs when pilots enter, take off or land on, the wrong runway.

To avoid runway accidents use:
-Runway stop bars and Safety nets help to prevent imminent or actual hazardous situations from developing into major incidents or even accidents.
-Advanced Surface Movement Guidance Control System, is an air traffic surveillance system enabling aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface to be accurately tracked by air traffic control in all visibility conditions.
-Runway Status Lights (RWSL) provide a visual warning to vehicle drivers and pilots that the runway is not safe to enter. 


School Violence

Schools are supposed to be places where children and teenagers can learn without fearing for their safety. School violence encompasses physical violence, including student-on-student fighting and corporal punishment; psychological violence, including verbal abuse; sexual violence, including rape and sexual harassment; many forms of bullying, including cyberbullying; and carrying weapons in school. School violence has become a primary concern for parents, students, school personnel, and the related authority. Those who commit school violence attacks include staff members, members of the community, and current and former students.
When a student makes a threatening statement of any kind, school administrators must take it seriously. Schools should have up-to-date security measures in schools and school-sponsored events, to ensure the safety of students. Proper monitoring of the association that children keep is a means through which the problem of school violence can be solved. Security Agencies play a vital role in constructing and maintaining a safe and peaceful environment at school. The job of a security personnel in school is to patrol the school premises to detect any suspicious activity, monitor and guard the entrance, check every visitor, ensure that the school property is protected, investigate theft or any other crime cases, report any violations to the school authority, prevent violence of any kind, enforce the school laws, and use physical force when needed. Violence and crimes in schools are less likely to happen where there are security personnel monitoring the actions of the people at school.


Role of Security Agency in Festive Season

Security during festivals plays an important role in ensuring safety of citizens. Since festivals witness congregation of huge crowds, it is important to secure the surrounding areas and perimeter. At PLN9 Security we understand the need of a professional approach to the security of events this plays a critical role in an individual's impression of the service. Essentially a safe environment promotes a relaxed atmosphere enabling customers to enjoy themselves without the fear of harassment or injury.

Security Agencies present an active deterrent to anti-social or criminal activity and offer a vigilant and fast alert response in the event of incidents or accidents. Their trained staff control crowd through monitoring, intervention and observing during festive events. During festivals, security personnel may be usefully deployed in apartments and other events area for patrolling and in-event security, to set the safe, secure tone of the festive event and guiding off-site at the end of the event, to ensure safe exit and minimal anti-social behavior nuisance to neighboring properties. Security staff can be engaged to carry out a range of duties at an event and during festive seasons.


Solar Farm Security Issues

Thefts at solar farms are on the increase. Their remote locations and vast size make security difficult to ensure, and thieves are becoming increasingly aware of the high value of the equipment and supplies located on solar farms. In addition to material loss, intrusion and theft can cause high repair and run-on costs, leading to long periods of downtime and loss of revenue. When solar farms are located in remote areas, it’s easy for intruders and criminals to access, enter, and disturb operations. Solar farm security is complicated by the need for immediate response to security threats and intrusions. Because they are often located remotely, it will usually take too long for emergency personnel to respond to a security event on the solar farm premises.

PLN9 provides effective solar farm security solutions for preventing immediate damage and theft to remote sites by designing site-specific solutions. Nothing is more secure than Security personnel, trained and experienced in surveillance techniques and conflict management. With audio alarm and voice-down intervention, there will be trained security interacting with an intruder right away. With intelligent video surveillance technology, it is easy and effective to monitor any size solar farm and protect its valuable equipment, supplies, and materials.


Protection from Terrorism

Terrorism is perhaps one of the most challenging problems of our times. It doesn't matter anymore which part of the world we live in. The unfortunate reality is that terrorism has gone global and every world citizen is equally susceptible and vulnerable. Terrorism means the destructive activities taken recourse to by a group of people to coerce a government to yield to their demands. Terrorists engage themselves to violent activities. They use deadly arms and ammunition. There have been several terror attacks in different parts of world. Recently many people were killed and injured after a gunman opened fire Sunday night at a country music festival opposite the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, USA.

It may be difficult, to stop a determined individual who wants to commit an act of terrorism if they get through every security check, but there are some things that can be done to limit the spread of extremist violence and divert their support:
Ø  Keep a Check on Extremist Clerics
Ø  Make Aid Accountable
Ø  Stop the Flow of Terrorist Funds
Ø  Securing Defenses

Security Agencies play a major role in a nation’s counterterrorism preparedness. Since private security personnel are already trained to be on alert on different situation, it is an easy extension to keep a very similar eye out for counter-terrorism purposes.


Campus Security

Campus security has become a more prevalent issue in recent years with violence increasing at schools. Along with academic, financial and geographic considerations, the issue of campus safety is a vital concern. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure whilst on campus, whether it is during the day or at night. Crime occurs every day but the presence of security personnel’s helps deter crimes such as theft and physical abuse.

The typical fire and burglar alarm systems have always been necessary whether at small elementary schools or large universities, CCTV and access control systems are also becoming more and more important. The very fact that there is someone watching for crime and assisting law enforcement is a great way to discourage situations that can cause trouble for students and faculty. An on-campus security guard or presence can be particularly beneficial for preventing or deterring:
·         Possession of illegal weapons
·         Drugs, alcohol, and contraband
·         Gang Activity
·         Vandalism
·         Threats of physical abuse
·         Classroom disruption
·         Disregard of school guidelines