Campus Security

Campus security has become a more prevalent issue in recent years with violence increasing at schools. Along with academic, financial and geographic considerations, the issue of campus safety is a vital concern. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure whilst on campus, whether it is during the day or at night. Crime occurs every day but the presence of security personnel’s helps deter crimes such as theft and physical abuse.

The typical fire and burglar alarm systems have always been necessary whether at small elementary schools or large universities, CCTV and access control systems are also becoming more and more important. The very fact that there is someone watching for crime and assisting law enforcement is a great way to discourage situations that can cause trouble for students and faculty. An on-campus security guard or presence can be particularly beneficial for preventing or deterring:
·         Possession of illegal weapons
·         Drugs, alcohol, and contraband
·         Gang Activity
·         Vandalism
·         Threats of physical abuse
·         Classroom disruption
·         Disregard of school guidelines

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