Diwali Safety Precautions

Diwali is thoroughly enjoyed by people as they love the splendor and sparkle of fireworks.  Every single year, during Diwali, there are hundreds of accidental fires in homes culminating in injuries and even death. The festival of joy turns into a tragedy for the families affected. Some safety precautions that can make Diwali really joyous for you and everyone around:
Safety precautions with Lightening, Always make it a point to not to light Diyas or candles near the curtains or other hanging decorations of the home. Fix the candles firmly only on a surface that is hard and not-inflammable. The electric lights should never be tied to any metal poles as any current leak can energize the pole and give a shock to anyone who touches the pole.
Safety precautions about dressing, Wearing the right clothing during celebrating Diwali is vital to ensure that your Diwali is safe. Opt for cotton clothes that cover the maximum part of your body but do not hang lose. Maximum coverage ensures better safety from fire. Wear cotton apparel and keep a safe distance from the fireworks.
Safety precautions while brusting crackers, Make sure to store the fire crackers in a closed box away from fire, heat and electrical wirings. Light only one fire cracker at a time so that you can keep your full attention on it. Don't attempt to make fireworks at home.  Always keep a first aid box close.

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