Election Security

Recently Election Commission (EC) announced that the Gujarat Assembly elections will be held in two phases on December, respectively. The nature of an election makes it vulnerable to a range of security threats against participants, infrastructure, information and materials.
Electoral violence involves any use of force with the intent to cause harm or the threat to use force to harm persons or property involved in the electoral process. In any election, authorities take steps to ensure that voters, candidates, poll workers, observers, and other actors involved in an election experience the process free from fear or harm and to ensure that sensitive election materials are kept secure.
Security Personnel is required to maintain order at a polling station. It is the duty of the security officers to escort election materials to the polling stations, maintain law and order during polling, counting and escort results and other electrical materials to the collation centre. The security officers are also mandated to ensure that the queue of voters is orderly, take all necessary measures to prevent violence or any activity that threatens the safe conduct of the election.

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