Event Security

Special events raise the stakes and demand a heightened level of focus on security protocols and contingency planning. FIFA U-17 World Cup, the biggest football event taking place in six cities of New Delhi, Goa, Kochi, Guwahati, Kolkata and Navi Mumbai (India). Police sources say that for this event, security personnel’s  from certified private agencies are deployed to ensure security of fans. Police sources claimed that from parks to buildings and nearby areas, several policemen have been deployed to keep a watch. Any special event introduces new variables into the security equation. Such events normally introduce people of unknown backgrounds into the environment and attract the attention of many who aren’t security-conscious.
Safety Measures during Events:
- Be aware of the location of the entrances and exits in use on the day, the 
   fire-fighting equipment and the first aid posts.
- Ensuring that overcrowding does not occur in any part of the site.
- Preventing the public climbing fences, barriers, lighting or sound towers,            equipment and so on.
- Identification of emergency routes and access for the emergency services.
- Proper equipment must be onsite for screening of individuals to the desired        level of security.

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