Role and Responsiblities of Armed Security Officer

- Observe every person within premises and stop unauthorized entry.
- Detaining or arresting the criminal violators and keeping a vigil on the suspects.
- Protecting the people and the property associated with the client. A properly trained armed security officer can help add another level of protection.
- Answering various service calls related to any criminal activities or problems, and issuing the traffic violation warnings to general public.
- Engaging in mobile patrolling during the duty hours and walking from location to location in order to ensure safety and security.
- Banks, insurance firms, local government offices, precious metal mining companies and even hyper malls employ the services of armed security officers when they need to transport their valuables such as cash and gold to safer destinations.
- Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities and informing violators of policy and procedures.
- Armed security officers play an important role in operating security equipments like video cameras, security alarms, body scanners and fire equipment within their stations.

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