Safety Precautions During Festive Season

The festive season is here. Parties and festivities build team moral and provide staff with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements. Whilst the Focus On Risks team love to party (all invitations will be gratefully received), we are also very conscious of the fact that accidents, and employer duty of care obligations, do no take time off during the festive season. To help you make this a safe and happy holiday season, we have developed a list of safety tips. Remember, safety is achievable with a few simple steps, you can have great celebrations without any painful mishaps. 

When planning festive season celebrations: 
1- Undertake a risk assessment to identify foreseeable hazards and their consequences 
2- Ensure the venue is as safe as possible. If at home, check safety pool fences etc.
3- Involve your safety representative in an inspection of the venue before the event. 
4- Implement strategies to manage foreseeable risks. 
5- Ensure that all relevant safety information, including the ground rules for behaviour, is communicated to employees and relevant parties prior to any function. 
6- Make it clear to employees that the employer’s responsibility ceases at the end of the function and if staff choose to continue the evening, they will be responsible for their own safety. 
7- Maintain supervision of behaviour during the event
8- Review your workplace policies (e.g. Drug and Alcohol and Harassment Policies) and remind employees of their obligations. 
9- If young children will be present check chemical storage areas are locked and what other hazards could cause harm. 
10- Allocate a responsible person to look after the children on a rotational basis.

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