School Violence

Schools are supposed to be places where children and teenagers can learn without fearing for their safety. School violence encompasses physical violence, including student-on-student fighting and corporal punishment; psychological violence, including verbal abuse; sexual violence, including rape and sexual harassment; many forms of bullying, including cyberbullying; and carrying weapons in school. School violence has become a primary concern for parents, students, school personnel, and the related authority. Those who commit school violence attacks include staff members, members of the community, and current and former students.
When a student makes a threatening statement of any kind, school administrators must take it seriously. Schools should have up-to-date security measures in schools and school-sponsored events, to ensure the safety of students. Proper monitoring of the association that children keep is a means through which the problem of school violence can be solved. Security Agencies play a vital role in constructing and maintaining a safe and peaceful environment at school. The job of a security personnel in school is to patrol the school premises to detect any suspicious activity, monitor and guard the entrance, check every visitor, ensure that the school property is protected, investigate theft or any other crime cases, report any violations to the school authority, prevent violence of any kind, enforce the school laws, and use physical force when needed. Violence and crimes in schools are less likely to happen where there are security personnel monitoring the actions of the people at school.

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