Security Challenges in Metro System

Recently India’s first bullet train project announced in Ahmedabad. After the metros, the high speed corridor is the next big thing in the Indian mass transit system. There have been multiple attacks on metro systems across the globe; the most recent was in April 2017 at Saint Petersburg Metro Train in Russia, where a briefcase bomb packed with shrapnel exploded on the train. The extensive use of metro transit systems by many sections of the public makes them highly attractive targets for terrorists wanting to maximize panic and destruction.
Security of mass transit systems is a global issue. Metro systems ranked the highest in terms of the perceived risk as targets of terrorism. In all the metro systems which are operational in India, different security agencies providing security cover. Preventive security measures on metros include screening of passengers and luggage with X-ray scanners and metal detectors, hand searches, passenger profiling, sniffing dogs, and armed guards. With proper security procedures, it’s hard to operate illegally or carry out an attack in this environment. This creates a deterrent effect.

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