Solar Farm Security Issues

Thefts at solar farms are on the increase. Their remote locations and vast size make security difficult to ensure, and thieves are becoming increasingly aware of the high value of the equipment and supplies located on solar farms. In addition to material loss, intrusion and theft can cause high repair and run-on costs, leading to long periods of downtime and loss of revenue. When solar farms are located in remote areas, it’s easy for intruders and criminals to access, enter, and disturb operations. Solar farm security is complicated by the need for immediate response to security threats and intrusions. Because they are often located remotely, it will usually take too long for emergency personnel to respond to a security event on the solar farm premises.

PLN9 provides effective solar farm security solutions for preventing immediate damage and theft to remote sites by designing site-specific solutions. Nothing is more secure than Security personnel, trained and experienced in surveillance techniques and conflict management. With audio alarm and voice-down intervention, there will be trained security interacting with an intruder right away. With intelligent video surveillance technology, it is easy and effective to monitor any size solar farm and protect its valuable equipment, supplies, and materials.

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