Solar Plant Security Planning

Security is an important concern for large-scale solar farms, with significant investment out in the open and often in remote areas. Many solar sites suffer theft, since panels are easy to re-fit elsewhere and copper cabling remains attractive to thieves. Unauthorized access to solar generation farms sometimes endangers the lives of the intruders, employees and inhabitants of the nearby community. 
Considerations for Solar Farm Security Planning  are:
a.) Threat Deterrence Measures - Threat deterrence at solar farm substation includes physical deterrents like high fencing, crash-proof vehicle gates and smart locks along with the implementation of both policies and technologies that control authorized access. When a solar facility experiences unacceptable intrusion rates, then an evaluation of desired deterrence measures are required.
b.) Threat Detection/Assessment Technologies - Motion detection, sound detection, lighting and video surveillance represent the current technologies that effectively and economically detect and assess threats to solar farms.
c.) Intrusion Response Plan - Complete security strategies include an intrusion response procedure. Security personnel’s are aware of the laws of trespass and preventing unwanted visitors to solar farms. Security systems are essential for suitable operation of a solar farm in order to avoid damages and possibly plant downtime from theft and vandalism.

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