Cash-in-transit Security

Cash-in-transit activities involve workers transporting or moving cash in vehicles or by foot. Cash includes money, coins, jewels, bullion, securities and other financial instruments. Transporting cash and valuables needs to be performed within a secure framework.  Every element of the process needs to be tried and tested and continually adapted to meet with changing circumstances. Cash in transit involves professional security personnel transporting cash either on foot or in armoured vehicles. These services are carried out by security professionals, who have undergone specialised training to meet high industry standards.

Responsibilities of Security Personnel during Cash-in-transit activities:-
  1. To drive an armoured car or van and make cash collections in order to deliver them to clients.
  2. Ensure the secure collection as well as delivery of money and other valuables as a crew member or the drive.
  3. Immediately report to the manager any changes or variances taking place in the way that a job is normally handled.
  4. Protect company property from all kinds of threat.
  5. Report criminal activities as soon as possible according to company procedures.
  6. Prepare and furnish security reports and documentations.
  7. Deal with security risks using firearms.
  8. Undertake loading as well as unloading of cash even in unsecured environments.

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