Hospitals Security

Hospitals and medical centers face a number of challenges related to ensuring a safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Health care facilities must therefore plan and prepare for emergencies of all kinds, including bomb threats, active shooters, hostage situations, infectious disease epidemics, and inclement weather or natural disasters. To keep staff, patients and visitors safe, hospitals use a range of security measures, including the use of CCTV cameras, duress alarms for staff members and electronic access control systems for doorways, also employ security personnel.

Role of Security Personnel in Hospital Security:-
  1. Patrolling the hospital premises and identifying suspicious activity.
  2. In case of fire or bomb threats, taking charge of evacuating the hospital.
  3. An especially important function of Security Officers with respect to hospital staff is their rapid response to security emergencies within the hospital.
  4. To prevent and handle any disturbance or breach in security, so that the hospital functioning can go on smoothly and without any disturbance.
  5. Assist with traffic control by keeping fire lanes, fire hydrants and ambulance entrances free of vehicles.

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