Industrial fires

The consequences of a major industrial fire can be catastrophic, potentially impacting on the business ability to survive, workforce safety and employment, the local environment and the surrounding community. Companies involved in the manufacture or distribution of seasonal or fast-turnaround stock run the risk of using every conceivable space for storage without sufficiently considering the implications for the safe evacuation of employees in a fire, or the safety of the emergency services tackling a blaze as a result of blocked access or evacuation routes.

Fires and explosions needlessly kill and injure employees and damage billions of dollars worth of property. Protection from fire ensures that a small containable fire in a trash can does not turn into a catastrophic event which can devastate a business, the lives of workers and a community. Fire could be avoided through preventive maintenance and frequent inspection and testing of equipment and electrical systems; taking proper safety precautions during maintenance operations; and using caution around open flames. A host of factors building design and materials, machinery, wiring, fire suppression systems, emergency response programs, alarm systems, inspection and testing of fire response equipment and systems, chemicals on site, training, housekeeping, end products — can work alone or combine to impact on fire resistance. 

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